Real Estate
There was a time, not long ago, when the country life was the dream for many. The ideology resonated with the country folk and even the residents of the privileged, more developed cities. This thought process has vanished with time.

Villages offer the simple life. The inhabitants enjoy lush greenery and/or hilly backgrounds as a backyard to their houses every day. The noise pollution is minimal and the air is crisp. The ingredients are unadulterated and nutritious. This is a hackneyed myth that has been advertised for too long. The country side that was the home to all this; is not the same anymore. There’s electricity in most areas, homes are not made of mud anymore. Farmers no longer have to sow seeds with hands. Even the milk producing mammals have been “modernized” by injections that make them lactate more.

All that aside, villagers are still flocking towards cities. There are several reasons for it. According to them, cities have better opportunities, better infrastructure, better facilities and better education. The immigration from within is one of the root causes for urbanization. In addition to immigration, political developments have also contributed to urbanization.

Conflict has also played its part. For decades, people have been fleeing war-torn rural regions -particularly the tribal areas – to seek the relative safety of cities such as Peshawar, Quetta, and in recent years Karachi.

Pakistan is urbanizing at an astonishing rate of 3% per year. This is the fastest rate in South Asia where the conditions, economic or political more or less are the same. As per the estimates of The UNPD, by 2025, nearly half the country’s population will live in urban areas. Now if we compare the numbers to two decades ago, the ratio was 70:30 in favor of rural population. This fascination with the urban lifestyle is often misled and can cause serious financial misfortunes.

Urban Housing Troubles

The State Bank of Pakistan has estimated that across all major cities, urban housing was approximately 4.4 million units short of demand in 2015. If current trends continue, Pakistan’s five largest cities will account for 78 percent of the total housing shortage by 2035. The houses that are available are of low quality and while the real estate business is booming due to this, the new societies and housing schemes are not for the poor. This poses a real threat to the current infrastructures of the urban areas and their suburbs. Other problems, such as water, sanitation, health, transportation, education and land management all require grave attention.

To sum it all up, the officials need to control this trend of urbanization for the survival of our economy as Pakistani cities cannot bear the influx with their current situation. This fascination of rural Pakistan with the cities is fathomable but not practical.

Quality commercial property in Pakistan continues to generate positive profit yields for those who are willing to step forward. Buying commercial property requires diligent examination of various aspects. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that can help neophyte investors in buying commercial property.

Do: (Confirm the authenticity of Commercial Status)

Commercial properties are tricky in the sense that they are difficult to identify. Legality is a huge aspect of it and new investors commit the mistake of buying “fabricated” commercial properties which for all intents and purposes are either public property or residential.

Don’t: (Go in “Blind”)

Many new investors devote their finances without doing enough research on a commercial property. Real estate investors should do systemic research before signing the dotted line. The premises, the development nearby and the profits gained by other investors in the area should all be looked into. Hire professional consultants if you have to.

Don’t: (rely on inflation)

Property investment does provide huge dividends but it can also backfire in times of political uncertainty and turmoil. Inflation can be a double edged sword; it can hike rates but also cause a plummet in the number of investments.

Do: (Due diligence)

When considering investing in commercial, one should conduct the necessary technical due diligence. The structural integrity of the building, business zoning rights, site development plans and any other restrictions should be worked out beforehand.

Don’t: (Rush in headfirst)

As the investment starts to pay, people are inclined to dive further in the sea of real estate. It is essential to assess the monetary profits that are attained because it can just be a flash in the pan. Market situation needs to be reviewed and allowed due time to display the full range of ebbs and flows of the commercial investment. This will make you better equipped to decide in a better way for future investments.

Do: (Diversification)

Once experienced enough, one should consider diversifying their investment portfolio by investing in different locations as it provides a better chance to even out the profit/loss margins even in times of uncertainty.

Do: (Realistic Review of investment)

Always keep a realistic view of what this investment can do for you. Make a plan for the next 36 months and estimate your gains accordingly.

Don´t: Underestimate the value of a stable tenant

Consider renting your property to those, who have a smooth business operation. A stable tenant for your property might ensure a continuous and hassle free income stream.


To sum it all up, be realistic, do your research and if possible, diversify your investments. Commercial property can be your key to a fruitful future, but for this to happen; you need to be vigilant in your approach.

Real Estate
RIMPA Lahore is a distinct project by Shaharyar and Shoukat Developers that offers a favorable opportunity to business oriented investors. The project is special because it provides a driveway experience to the customers.


The locality of RIMPA tower is a feature that stands out. Lakshmi Chowk has been the hub of businesses for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come. The Spare Part inventories, the auto mobile show rooms, the world famous restaurants are all in its proximity and have welcomed RIMPA to their fold.

Shops, Apartments and Offices

Shops are available for those who want to take their business to the next level. Luxury apartments have been designed keeping in mind various successful international models, which lets the incumbents experience the lifestyle of tomorrow.

Rimpa Lahore

Special floors have been designated for offices which provide extensive space for the interested employers to establish workspaces right in the core of the city.


RIMPA is being built to stand out and to be ahead of all. This is reflective in the tower’s blueprint, which is facilitated with the deviant driveway and immaculate amenities which include:

  • 3rd Floor completely dedicated for Car Parking
  • 42 feet wide Driveway up to 3rd Floor
  • Gymnasium with latest equipment
  • Prayer Area
  • Hi-speed Lifts
  • Firefighting System
  • Availability

Offices & Apartments are available for sale in the purpose built 10 storeys Driveway Complex that meet customer requirements. The peerless novelty with superior technical features allow customers to drive their cars up to 5 floors inside the tower through Driveway, and park the vehicles directly outside any shop on any of these floors. “Get possession just on booking” is the slogan used by the developers, which makes the project aloof.

Real Estate
Real Estate industry is burgeoning in Pakistan. The numbers back it and so does the economy. Be it residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural, the flourish is undeniably evident. Amongst all these, the commercial sector is the one with the most promise.

The commercial real estate is gaining a lot of momentum as more and more investors are interested in buying and selling such property. This trend started in the late 2000s. It was not just limited to the tycoons; people owning residential plots were turning their lands to commercial ones due to high profit potentials. The trend carried through from the metropolises to the country side. Islamabad and Lahore were the major cities where the infatuation with top international brands caused the business magnates to build shopping malls akin to the international ones.

Gujranwala, an industrial city, famous for its wrestling, kabaddi, humor and food loving people is showing other facets to its potential. Due to the rapid rise of social media marketing, people are evolving and brand consciousness is increasing every day. The locales in Gujranwala are craving for international brands in their vicinity and developers are providing just that. Real Estate industry has been on the rise and developers have noticed it. Gujranwala has also bought in to the culture of modern shopping experience. State of the art malls are catering to the needs of the local population. These centers have multiple floors, dedicated parking spaces, elevators, gymnasiums, cinemas and security amongst many other facilities. These malls are revolutionizing the shopping experience and bringing an international standard to the lives of this city. Apart from these shopping areas, housing schemes are also being built and people are opening up to the idea of a new lifestyle. These projects not only promote a better image of the city, but also increase the worth of the suburbs.

Civic Centre is a unique project that is in a league of its own. The features and facilities are second to none in the country. It is the first endeavor in Pakistan which has introduced the shopping affair with drive way. Along with the shopping areas, food courts and prayer area, it has designated parking spaces for each outlet and fool proof security. The corridors and the glass bottomed bridges add to its charm and make it allure. Civic Centre is being built following all the safety codes which ensure a secure and relaxing environment. With its discrete design and emphatic buzz, it will refashion the shopping experience of the customers. The innovative construct also provides convenience to investors who are looking to reach new heights with their brand. 4cast marketing is the marketing partner of Civic Centre. It caters to their marketing, advertising and communication services. The Civic Centre is the embodiment of the flourishing real estate industry in Gujranwala.

Gujranwala is a very important cog in the economic cycle of Pakistan. With the population of almost 2.3 million, the opportunities are limitless and the real estate development in the city is the testament to this fact. The residents in the vicinity of Gujranwala have also submerged into this idea which has resulted in a mutual benefit.

Real Estate
In this new wave of development and improved security conditions in Pakistan, real estate is a noun that has gained immense popularity and importance in a short period of time. The emergence of numerous residential and commercial projects, providing high level living standards and state of the art facilities, has earned this market the required credibility. Increased customer trust and the supplier’s undoubted commitment have resulted in a booming market. Highlighted below are the typical features of a real estate market that may increase the risk factor or result in your investment being more profitable.  

Varying trends is a constant feature of the real estate market and something that should be accounted for before making any transaction or deal. Just like the implementation of 2015-2016 Federal Budget, eased taxation constraints, providing favorable grounds for investments in the real estate market, the introduction of the following year’s budget had the opposite effect.

While other markets, such as the market for commodities and the stock market are regulated with as much transparency as possible, the real estate market does not enjoy the same advantage. Lack of transparency due to inefficient market analysis and withheld information by real estate workers/property sellers will put you investments at risk. However not all the real estate market features are risk bearing.  

Durability and tangibility of your investment in the form of a real estate property is another attribute of this market. Unlike stocks and other investments that reach maturity after a while, real estate investments can be long term, easily passed on to generations and managed according to your wishes, making it more rewarding.

Real estate is something that cannot be sold or purchased as easily as other investments, meaning it comes with low liquidity. Although low liquidity may be considered a risk when comes to investing your finances, in terms of real estate, it results in a positive impact. Being illiquid turns the real estate investment into a stable appreciating asset.

Like two sides to every situation, the real estate market also has its pros and cons. However with professional consultancy, thorough market research and informed decision making, the risk factor can be minimized and profitable returns can be maximized.