Over the last few years, digital marketing has played a crucial role in the world of advertising and branding. While uplifting the brand image, going digital also helps in reaching and expanding the target audience which, in turn, aids in generating leads and promoting sales.

Digital presence is turning the tides of businesses the world over. The last decade has witnessed real estate generating a lot of buzz in the online space. Most property buyers and sellers now go the extra mile and do vigorous research online before they spend their financial resources.

The Internet has drastically changed the way buyers make purchase decisions. Online searches take buyers to their desired property while documentation has become quicker. The accessibility to a lot of properties has paved the way for buyers to invest smartly. The different options in front of them allow them to explore way more than they used to. Hence, ensuring a strong online presence is of utmost importance to make your brand name stand out in the real estate industry. Online Reputation Management can make or break the brands.

The economy of Pakistan is a complex labyrinth of ups and downs. The nascent democracy and considerable drop in extremist activities in the country are building the confidence of foreign investors. This has caused the uprising of real estate industry more than others.

Pakistan based Real estate developers have now started to develop an online presence to keep up with the times. The aim is to cater to the local market as well as attract international investors. The digital marketing revenue over the past couple of years has grown tenfold. The year 2015 saw a 25 percent increase in online spending in the Real Estate industry worldwide, with an estimate of over nearly 600 crore rupees spent on digital marketing. Consumer behavior has influenced this spending and this trend will sustain in the coming years also.

Digital presence for the real estate industry of Pakistan is improving and it should continue to do so as to keep up with the competition the world over.