Real Estate

An Expo is a global event that educates the public, shares innovation, promotes progress and fosters cooperation. Usually a host country organizes it and invites other countries, companies, international organizations, the private sector and the public to participate. Expos grant the liberty to a country to strengthen their international image and position themselves as a key player in the international arena. The event boosts the improvement of infrastructure in the vicinity of the expo sites. It generates employment and job creation and improves the global business and investment environment of the country.

Expos are multifaceted where a lot of different events such as extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters and business meetings take place simultaneously. Expos allow the participant countries to strengthen their cooperative relations with the host country and other participant countries, as well as promote their local products and swell their economy. Companies can expand their markets by participating and assisting with the organization of the event, meeting with other companies and investors and engaging with a new audience.

Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan. Developers are interested in selling and people are willing to buy. The moguls are looking at new means to expand their market, exhibit their brands and build a new customer base. Property expos are the contemporary route taken by these developers to cater all the aforementioned demands.

Expos are the latest advertising trend to intrigue everyone in the Pakistani industry. Be it developers, real estate magnates or potential buyers, everyone is acknowledging the concept. The Pakistani participation has been minimal in international expositions. Even though real estate expositions are not a new concept (Expo Real has been in operation since 1998); Pakistan has just opened up to the idea.

The change in the approach has been due to the rise of online real estate advisors. Most of the advertising is now done online as even the real estate developing brands want to go global. DOME EXHIBITIONS was the pioneer in bringing the expo culture to the country. They will be holding their third edition of the Pakistan Property Exhibition in November 2017. Zameen, another growing real estate website has also joined them in taking the Pakistan property sector worldwide. They will also be hosting an expo in UAE in the near future. Pakistan international trade fair was held recently in Karachi. The success of these events can be expressed in the number of visitors. The trade fair in Karachi was a creditable triumph as more than 200 local and 100 international companies showcased their products in the fair.

To sum it up, Expos have reformed the advertising strategies. They simulate the trade activities in the country. They provide a gateway to local and international brands to bring themselves into the limelight. The participation of Pakistan in real estate expositions all around the globe will be cardinal to their economic growth. With better security measures and a lot of infrastructures nearing completion, real estate is one of the few sectors of industry where Pakistan can persuade international investors to indulge in a mutually beneficial venture. Hosting expos will ascertain just that.