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An Expo is a global event that educates the public, shares innovation, promotes progress and fosters cooperation. Usually a host country organizes it and invites other countries, companies, international organizations, the private sector and the public to participate. Expos grant the liberty to a country to strengthen their international image and position themselves as a key player in the international arena. The event boosts the improvement of infrastructure in the vicinity of the expo sites. It generates employment and job creation and improves the global business and investment environment of the country.

Expos are multifaceted where a lot of different events such as extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters and business meetings take place simultaneously. Expos allow the participant countries to strengthen their cooperative relations with the host country and other participant countries, as well as promote their local products and swell their economy. Companies can expand their markets by participating and assisting with the organization of the event, meeting with other companies and investors and engaging with a new audience.

Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan. Developers are interested in selling and people are willing to buy. The moguls are looking at new means to expand their market, exhibit their brands and build a new customer base. Property expos are the contemporary route taken by these developers to cater all the aforementioned demands.

Expos are the latest advertising trend to intrigue everyone in the Pakistani industry. Be it developers, real estate magnates or potential buyers, everyone is acknowledging the concept. The Pakistani participation has been minimal in international expositions. Even though real estate expositions are not a new concept (Expo Real has been in operation since 1998); Pakistan has just opened up to the idea.

The change in the approach has been due to the rise of online real estate advisors. Most of the advertising is now done online as even the real estate developing brands want to go global. DOME EXHIBITIONS was the pioneer in bringing the expo culture to the country. They will be holding their third edition of the Pakistan Property Exhibition in November 2017. Zameen, another growing real estate website has also joined them in taking the Pakistan property sector worldwide. They will also be hosting an expo in UAE in the near future. Pakistan international trade fair was held recently in Karachi. The success of these events can be expressed in the number of visitors. The trade fair in Karachi was a creditable triumph as more than 200 local and 100 international companies showcased their products in the fair.

To sum it up, Expos have reformed the advertising strategies. They simulate the trade activities in the country. They provide a gateway to local and international brands to bring themselves into the limelight. The participation of Pakistan in real estate expositions all around the globe will be cardinal to their economic growth. With better security measures and a lot of infrastructures nearing completion, real estate is one of the few sectors of industry where Pakistan can persuade international investors to indulge in a mutually beneficial venture. Hosting expos will ascertain just that.


Real Estate

A target audience, strictly in marketing terms, is a particular group of consumers within the predetermined target market, identified as the targets or recipients for a particular advertisement or message. Identifying and understanding the target audience is one of the principal considerations in a cut throat competition.

Identification of the target audience is one of the most ignored aspects in marketing. Entrepreneurs are engulfed in the day to day operations, sales, hiring and technology and it becomes a low priority. The survival of some small businesses is dependent on conveying their message to the right set of eyes and ears. It is also essential to the large corporations.

Assorting the target audience for businesses is essential for their marketing campaign is to be successful. It allows them to craft their products or services to the needs of customers, in order to maximize sales and revenue. A successful marketing campaign connects with consumers on a personal level, which will help the business to develop long-term relationships with customers.

Marketing communications channels have undergone huge changes, shifting away from traditional mass-market type advertisements such as television and radio. This is due to advancements in technology and the Internet era developing brand new communication channels such as web advertising, social media and blogs. This shift is imperative to adapt but might not feasible for all the age groups or locations. For example a newsletter or a social media advertisement might not reach the potential buyer if the product caters to old aged individuals.

Determining the specific customer base requires research and analysis. Whenever you are selling a product, you are basically providing a solution to the buyers’ problem. It is important to discern that problem and how the product helps alleviate that problem. Entrepreneurs also need to recognize the precise demographics they are trying to engage.

A few of the factors which they need to look at are:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Marital status

Once they have understood their customers, they need to create the need for their products. They should also make their products affordable and easily available. The different demographics have different tastes and it is not possible to reach all of them the same way. Psychographic information can also be utilized by the businesses to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer groups they intend to target. By analyzing the more intimate details of the consumer’s lifestyle and thinking processes, they can grasp their preferences. Things like financials, interests, hobbies and lifestyle can be observed by the business to create a target audience that will be open to the product and will connect with the business through a marketing campaign aimed at them.

So it is significant that business owners understand and identify their target audience. This will take their business to new heights whilst making them larger profits whilst positively affecting their marketing and advertising budget.


Real Estate
Real estate is one of the safest investments globally. Along with gold, it is one of the few sound investments in the current global economic scenario. Developers aside, even the low budget investors are looking to make their money count and commit to real estate. This is not a bad bet as real estate has produced quite a few of the worlds wealthiest.

As far as safe investments go, the same goes for Pakistani economy. 7 out of the 15 richest people in Pakistan have direct or indirect ties with real estate or construction.
Like every venture, it is better to be well versed with the nooks and crannies of the industry before diving in with millions of rupees.
Properties are divided into four categories:

• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Agricultural

Here are a few factors that will influence your decision making positively in the real estate business:


Before buying any sort of land, one must figure out the type of property they want to build. Each of the four has their pros & cons. It is always better to take assistance from a professional. If you have lived in the city your whole life and don’t know about the industrial or agricultural lands, buying such assets might not be for you.


The face value of the area makes a huge impact in the long term and short term profits of the rental property. The rental profits you wish to gain are reliant on the neighborhood, availability and the market value. Buying a rental property in a residential society means you might find long term tenants. If you buy a rental property close to an educational institute, you might find tenants who will leave after a short period of time.

Property Taxes:

Taxes are a key aspect in acquiring a rental property. One must ascertain that the taxes are not eating a big chunk of your profit. Taxes differ according to the type, acreage, zones and whether the property is self occupied or rented. Figuring out the tax beforehand will help you calculate your yearly profits and you will be in a better position to decide whether the property is worth the hassle.


Amenities go a long way in bringing large profits for you. For example if there are plans for malls, parks or cinemas to be built close to your property, it will give your property a clear edge. Similarly a clean area with lesser noise pollution will also be a positive sign.


Insured properties can save you from maintenance charges and national disasters. However they are an expense which will cut through your profits.

Whole sale properties:

These are the properties that are usually under construction or planned to be constructed in the near future. These are considered to be a more secure investment. According to the research conducted in the University of Cambridge, in a five year period, you will earn better profits with a wholesale property than in an already constructed house.


It is always preferable to purchase real estate close to your own residence. You can monitor, inspect and manage the property with ease. Real estate investments require attention. Threats like forced occupancy, theft and robbery are always looming around. So if your rental property is nearby, you can keep a check on things in a better way.

In conclusion, keep your expectations realistic. Treating the real estate investment as any other investment is cardinal to your success. Research, market savvy, shrewdness in decision making and patience are paramount. Spending your life savings on rental properties can be tricky but if done right, can be life altering.

Real Estate
Real Estate industry is burgeoning in Pakistan. The numbers back it and so does the economy. Be it residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural, the flourish is undeniably evident. Amongst all these, the commercial sector is the one with the most promise.

The commercial real estate is gaining a lot of momentum as more and more investors are interested in buying and selling such property. This trend started in the late 2000s. It was not just limited to the tycoons; people owning residential plots were turning their lands to commercial ones due to high profit potentials. The trend carried through from the metropolises to the country side. Islamabad and Lahore were the major cities where the infatuation with top international brands caused the business magnates to build shopping malls akin to the international ones.

Gujranwala, an industrial city, famous for its wrestling, kabaddi, humor and food loving people is showing other facets to its potential. Due to the rapid rise of social media marketing, people are evolving and brand consciousness is increasing every day. The locales in Gujranwala are craving for international brands in their vicinity and developers are providing just that. Real Estate industry has been on the rise and developers have noticed it. Gujranwala has also bought in to the culture of modern shopping experience. State of the art malls are catering to the needs of the local population. These centers have multiple floors, dedicated parking spaces, elevators, gymnasiums, cinemas and security amongst many other facilities. These malls are revolutionizing the shopping experience and bringing an international standard to the lives of this city. Apart from these shopping areas, housing schemes are also being built and people are opening up to the idea of a new lifestyle. These projects not only promote a better image of the city, but also increase the worth of the suburbs.

Civic Centre is a unique project that is in a league of its own. The features and facilities are second to none in the country. It is the first endeavor in Pakistan which has introduced the shopping affair with drive way. Along with the shopping areas, food courts and prayer area, it has designated parking spaces for each outlet and fool proof security. The corridors and the glass bottomed bridges add to its charm and make it allure. Civic Centre is being built following all the safety codes which ensure a secure and relaxing environment. With its discrete design and emphatic buzz, it will refashion the shopping experience of the customers. The innovative construct also provides convenience to investors who are looking to reach new heights with their brand. 4cast marketing is the marketing partner of Civic Centre. It caters to their marketing, advertising and communication services. The Civic Centre is the embodiment of the flourishing real estate industry in Gujranwala.

Gujranwala is a very important cog in the economic cycle of Pakistan. With the population of almost 2.3 million, the opportunities are limitless and the real estate development in the city is the testament to this fact. The residents in the vicinity of Gujranwala have also submerged into this idea which has resulted in a mutual benefit.

Real Estate
In this new wave of development and improved security conditions in Pakistan, real estate is a noun that has gained immense popularity and importance in a short period of time. The emergence of numerous residential and commercial projects, providing high level living standards and state of the art facilities, has earned this market the required credibility. Increased customer trust and the supplier’s undoubted commitment have resulted in a booming market. Highlighted below are the typical features of a real estate market that may increase the risk factor or result in your investment being more profitable.  

Varying trends is a constant feature of the real estate market and something that should be accounted for before making any transaction or deal. Just like the implementation of 2015-2016 Federal Budget, eased taxation constraints, providing favorable grounds for investments in the real estate market, the introduction of the following year’s budget had the opposite effect.

While other markets, such as the market for commodities and the stock market are regulated with as much transparency as possible, the real estate market does not enjoy the same advantage. Lack of transparency due to inefficient market analysis and withheld information by real estate workers/property sellers will put you investments at risk. However not all the real estate market features are risk bearing.  

Durability and tangibility of your investment in the form of a real estate property is another attribute of this market. Unlike stocks and other investments that reach maturity after a while, real estate investments can be long term, easily passed on to generations and managed according to your wishes, making it more rewarding.

Real estate is something that cannot be sold or purchased as easily as other investments, meaning it comes with low liquidity. Although low liquidity may be considered a risk when comes to investing your finances, in terms of real estate, it results in a positive impact. Being illiquid turns the real estate investment into a stable appreciating asset.

Like two sides to every situation, the real estate market also has its pros and cons. However with professional consultancy, thorough market research and informed decision making, the risk factor can be minimized and profitable returns can be maximized.

Real Estate
Real estate at this point in time is one of the most flourishing sectors in Pakistan. It refers to the buying, selling and planning of property according to demand and supply trends. The real estate market in Pakistan can be divided into four categories residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial. Each category holds equal importance in the smooth functioning of the country. According to statistics Pakistan spends more than 2% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that accounts to more than $1.5 billion on its real estate construction work. In recent times, with an increase in rural to urban migration, there has been a rise in real estate investment opportunities and a need for more sophisticated urban planning. Urbanization has resulted in the birth and development of the concept of housing societies, which the real estate business is known as more commonly by the locals. Bahria Town, a popular brand now, is the largest real estate investor in Asia.

The real estate trends in Pakistan can be unpredictable, reaching record highs and lows in a fraction of few years as compared to the steady trends of other markets all over the world. As per the fundamentals of economics, the real estate market too is affected by a number of external factors such as the country’s political situation, foreign investment, taxation policies, infrastructure facilities etc. For example, following the attack of 9/11 when FDI and remittances by expatriates increased; the real estate market experienced an evident boom.

In 2015, despite taxes such as the Capital Gains Tax imposed by the Federal Budget of 2014-2015 the real estate experienced tremendous growth. Investment in residential properties increased by five to seven percent and commercial properties saw a rise by fifteen to twenty percent throughout Pakistan.

In the following years, reduction and suspension in taxes such as that on building materials and sale of residential buildings in the Federal Budget of 2015-16 proved to be exceptionally beneficial for the industry. With improved security conditions, increase in Foreign Direct Investment and elaborate projects such as the CPEC, experts predicted the market to reach new heights by 2016.

However like each day comes with a new perspective, in 2017 with the Federal Budget of 2016-17 property taxes increased and revised the property evaluation mechanism resulted in adverse implications on the real estate industry.

There is no doubt that like any other developing country there is a high demand for the real estate business in Pakistan. The growth of this industry, however not steady, is very evident in the forms of improved infrastructure and better living facilities. With new opportunities and improving economy, we can easily say that the real estate sector of Pakistan still has a long way to go.