Real Estate

The Shift of Real Estate Trends in Gujranwala

Real Estate industry is burgeoning in Pakistan. The numbers back it and so does the economy. Be it residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural, the flourish is undeniably evident. Amongst all these, the commercial sector is the one with the most promise.

The commercial real estate is gaining a lot of momentum as more and more investors are interested in buying and selling such property. This trend started in the late 2000s. It was not just limited to the tycoons; people owning residential plots were turning their lands to commercial ones due to high profit potentials. The trend carried through from the metropolises to the country side. Islamabad and Lahore were the major cities where the infatuation with top international brands caused the business magnates to build shopping malls akin to the international ones.

Gujranwala, an industrial city, famous for its wrestling, kabaddi, humor and food loving people is showing other facets to its potential. Due to the rapid rise of social media marketing, people are evolving and brand consciousness is increasing every day. The locales in Gujranwala are craving for international brands in their vicinity and developers are providing just that. Real Estate industry has been on the rise and developers have noticed it. Gujranwala has also bought in to the culture of modern shopping experience. State of the art malls are catering to the needs of the local population. These centers have multiple floors, dedicated parking spaces, elevators, gymnasiums, cinemas and security amongst many other facilities. These malls are revolutionizing the shopping experience and bringing an international standard to the lives of this city. Apart from these shopping areas, housing schemes are also being built and people are opening up to the idea of a new lifestyle. These projects not only promote a better image of the city, but also increase the worth of the suburbs.

Civic Centre is a unique project that is in a league of its own. The features and facilities are second to none in the country. It is the first endeavor in Pakistan which has introduced the shopping affair with drive way. Along with the shopping areas, food courts and prayer area, it has designated parking spaces for each outlet and fool proof security. The corridors and the glass bottomed bridges add to its charm and make it allure. Civic Centre is being built following all the safety codes which ensure a secure and relaxing environment. With its discrete design and emphatic buzz, it will refashion the shopping experience of the customers. The innovative construct also provides convenience to investors who are looking to reach new heights with their brand. 4cast marketing is the marketing partner of Civic Centre. It caters to their marketing, advertising and communication services. The Civic Centre is the embodiment of the flourishing real estate industry in Gujranwala.

Gujranwala is a very important cog in the economic cycle of Pakistan. With the population of almost 2.3 million, the opportunities are limitless and the real estate development in the city is the testament to this fact. The residents in the vicinity of Gujranwala have also submerged into this idea which has resulted in a mutual benefit.